The purpose of 3GBattery is simple. It allow the smartphone user to automatically toggle on/off mobile data at a set interval when there is no WiFi and therefore extend battery life.

It make little difference to connect every 15mins to sync data or than a persistent connection when the phone is in our pocket but it is a very great saving on the battery life.

No complicated power management settings, no more disabling of mobile data when the battery is already low and hoping our phone will last until end of the day. Under default mode of connecting every 15mins for 5mins connection, it is equal to 180mins/3hrs (15mins/hr x 12hr) of data connection time vs 12hr if your data is always connected.

When 3GBattery is running, it will monitor your preset interval to connect/disconnect your mobile data.

3GBattery has build in intelligent to know if the screen is turn on (eg. reading mail/browsing net) so it will not disable the connection.

It will also suspend when WiFi is connect or when the phone is charger (charging no battery save is needed).

I generated some test result with a 3rd party app - Battery HD and without 3GBattery, my battery drop more than 20% in 3 hours with mobile data enabled. Now I compared with 3GBattery Smart Toggling of mobile data, my battery drop about 10% in 3 hours.

Base on the statistic, my battery will last 15 hours from 100% to 0% with mobile data enabled and with 3GBattery Smart Toggle on, my battery will last about 30 hours from 100% to 0%.

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The Activity Logs on the right is the actual logs generated during the test period. I was working at a cafe when I have the Smart Toggle on, I did not miss anything at all. I received emails, whatsapp messages. The truth is, we do not sync data permanently and the default 15 minutes toggling with 5 minutes connection is very adequate. Of course, we could turn off Smart Toggle if we are waiting for urgent email. We can also set to auto-enable Smart Toggle when the battery drop to a certain percentage.

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